Friday Night Lights to Return For Season Four ... and Five?

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It's not quite a touchdown yet, but EW reports that NBC is engaged in active talks with DirecTV to extend their shared-window experiment with Friday Night Lights.

But there's a catch - and a good one at that - DirecTV and NBC might only seal a deal if they can get a rare two-year pickup for Seasons Four and Five guaranteed.

Although a spokesperson for NBC Universal declined to comment, a Peacock insider acknowledges that the studio is "actively looking at ways to keep FNL going."

Another NBC source adds, "We're very optimistic a deal will be worked out."

Guaranteeing the show two years is practically unprecedented, although Army Wives was similarly just picked up for a fourth season before its third has even begun.

While we wait for the official word, let's show NBC and DirecTV what a wise decision they'd be making by keeping Friday Night Lights' ratings up. Watch the show!

Panthers Win! Panthers Win!

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