Gossip Girl Spoilers: Nate and Blair? Chuck and Blair?

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Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf ... Nate Archibald and Blair Waldorf ... the subject of the perfect mate for the venerable Queen B has been the perfect debate for Gossip Girl fans.

Opinions vary and passionate responses are aplenty. So you can imagine the reactions when these photos surfaced from the set of the show in New York City yesterday:

Kiss Me, Bass!
Blair and ...

Yup ... that's our beloved Blair kissing both of her Upper East Side suitors, on what appears to be the same day, and while wearing the same clothes! Damn, girl. Way to play the field!

Okay, so what the heck is going on here? Get the scoop on this upcoming scene and plenty else from future episodes by following this link for more Gossip Girl spoilers ...

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