Gossip Girl Spoilers: "The Grandfather" Recap

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Gossip Girl returns on Monday with an all-new episode, "The Grandfather," and while this week's "The Age of Dissonance" marked a decent return from the show's six-week hiatus, this is when the CW's hit teen drama truly regains its past form.

While the primary purpose of "The Age of Dissonance" was to neatly tie up and end the story lines involving teacher Rachel and mystery girl Elle, "The Grandfather" blends humor, drama and intrigue as Nate's family issues and Blair's downward spiral intertwine.

When Vanessa convinces Nate to give his family a second chance and attend their big reunion, she effectively loses out as he reenters a world of privilege - and high expectations.

Meanwhile, Blair Waldorf decides to remake herself after being spurned by Yale and even smaller colleges, transforming from prim and proper to wild and, OMG, like outta control.

What results is plenty of introspection, surprising twists and turns, some classic Chuck Bass quotes and a reconciliation between a past couple we never saw coming.

It's Gossip Girl at its best - for the first time in months.

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Chuck in The Grandfather

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