Kings Spoilers: Flashbacks and the Dark Side

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We are definitely part of the 6.4 million that tuned in Kings on Sunday and we loved it!  If you're like us you're intrigued on the "history" of these fictional countries and the wars they've only hinted at in the premiere.

So Kings fans are dying to know, will we learn more about this rich history and what's to come in this amazing drama?  Executive producer Michael Green told E! Online, "We do see some flashbacks. There's room for more. We stay more in the present because right now we're trying to just build up."

As for what the future holds, Green teases David may turn to the dark side because, "I think no one stays good forever."

Chris Egan as David Shepard

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Kings Quotes

Soldier: Your mother makes the best brownies, what's in these man?
David: Guilt

David: I can't charge you for a piece of tape
Reverand Samuels: It's your time I owe you for