Lost Spoilers: Sawyer's Time Buddy

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On tomorrow night's episode of Lost, we already know that Sawyer is going to be trapped in the 70s.  Now thanks to Kristin Dos Santos, we know that Sawyer will be trapped in the disco decade for three whole years and we now know who his travel buddy is!  Sawyer will be traveling with Jin and as a result of his time in the 70's, Jin will speak far better English.

Sawyer and The Doctor

Kristin also revealed that Richard Alert may just cross paths with Mrs. Hawking, but not in a way you think.  When Kristen recently spoke to Fionnula Flanagan, she said she hasn't had any scenes with Nestor Carbonell yet, but "Perhaps I have in some previous existence, or in some previous materialization of Mrs. Hawking, but it hasn't come to light yet." 

Sounds like Lost speak for meeting in a different time.

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