Ratings Report: It's Bad to be the Kings

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Sorry, Ian McShane, your triumphant return to television was probably not meant to be with Kings.  Although we were huge fans of the Kings premiere, "Goliath," America was not.

According to the ratings, NBC's Kings only picked up 6.4 million during the first hour and down to 5.6 million during the second.  I guess it takes more than great acting and amazing plot twists to win over America.  It takes reality television like The Amazing Race and Extreme Makeover.

King and Queen

Among other primetime pickings:

  • Desperate Housewives girl-on-girl kiss pulled in 14.43 million, up 930,000 from last week
  • Cold Case had no problem claiming the number two spot with 12.92 million
  • Brothers & Sisters beat Celebrity Apprentice by 10.58 million to 6.7 million restoring some of our faith in television

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