Samantha Who? Spoilers: A Focus on Todd and Sam

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When Samantha Who? returns from hiatus this Thursday, the relationship between Todd and Sam will be the sitcom's leading storyline.

Christina Applegate said as much to E! in a new interview. Asked whether or not this couple uniting would ruin the series, the actress said:

I don't think [it would] because I think they would fight like brother and sister still. I think there's always going to be that dynamic with them - where they love each other and they can't stand each other at the same time.

I think she annoys him to death, and he annoys her to death, and yet they're in love with that part of each other as well. They live together now, so it's almost like being together, except he sleeps on the couch. I don't think it would be over.

Todd and Sam

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Samantha Who? Quotes

Sam: Couple of good things about being in a coma: no fattening food, lots of rest, they sponge you down every day. It's like a spa. Bad things: my nose itches, I have something called the "Pina Colada Song" stuck in my head, and, oh yeah, sometimes I can hear what people in my room are saying.

Sam: Good things about amnesia: all new clothes, no re-runs. Bad: every minute is like that dream where you haven't been to class all year, and the test is now.