Bret Michaels: Great Oral Relationship with Taya Parker!

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Bret Michaels has claimed this season of Rock of Love Bus marked the end of his reality TV career.

As the rocker's swan song, he chose Penthouse Pet Taya Parker as his supposedly true love.

In an interview with VH1, he talks about that decision, along with past suitors and future reality show viewing...

Why did you choose Taya?
When you’re around her one-on-one, she lets you know that she cares about you and she makes you feel like a man. She’ll tell you, “You look great.” Being flattered whether you’re being played or whether it’s sincere, matters. She at least let me know that she gave a s***. And you go, “OK, that feels pretty good.” You want someone to care about you.

Reality TV Rocker

You chose the girl who didn’t sleep with you.
It was weird. We had a good oral relationship. There was a give and take on both parts. Me and Mindy had a great... relationship. And some of the others. But with Taya, I now have 4th base or a home run to look forward to.

Did you pay attention to Rock of Love Charm School?
Oh yeah. And I plan on watching Daisy of Love, too. I just found out that Megan’s going to have a show. She’s a character, man. She should have a show. But Daisy, she was my heroin. I was sexually addicted to her. I think she’s gonna have a pretty good time on her show.

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