Chandra Wilson Forecasts "Life-Changing" Finale

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It looks like Shonda Rhimes has been teaching Chandra Wilson the art of the major sell.

During an interview with The New York Post, Wilson said the Grey's Anatomy finale certainly won't let fans down.

"I've been told there are some life-changing things that happen to all of us," said the actress that plays Miranda Bailey.

Comforting Chief Resident

So, what takes place on this much-hyped episode?

"It's supposed to be Bailey's day off, but she decides to come in and take a look at some procedures she hasn't seen in a while, and she gets sucked in with another child who's not doing too well," Wilson said. "But she handles this one considerably differently from some of the children that knocked her off her feet before."

What about the wedding every Grey's Anatomy fan is talking about? Wilson wouldn't give any clues about who is talking down the aisle on May 7.

"We're doing a church [wedding] and we're doing pretty dresses and they've got bridesmaids dresses for Izzie, Christina and Lexie," she said.

Hmmm... bridesmaids dresses for Izzie, Christina and Lexie? Does that mean Izzie won't be the one to get hitched? Discuss!

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