Greek Spoilers: "Engendered Species" and Beyond

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Greek airs its third episode tonight, "Engendered Species," and with it, love is in the air.  According to the episode's official summary, Rusty is going to meet a cute new transfer student (guest star Johanna Braddy).

Initially, the new student will hae eyes for Andy (Jesse McCartney), thus starting the competition over the same girl from the spoilers in the past.  At ZBZ, Ashleigh hires a cute new guy, Fisher (Andrew J. West) that ends up having eyes for her.

Meanwhile, Casey ends up taking the same class as Cappie and it's a women's studies class taught by guest star Janeane Garofalo.  In order to keep Max happy, Casey tries to enlist her teacher's help to get Max and Cappie to become friends.  We hear there's going to be a little fight instead.

Scott Michael Foster as Cappie
Spencer Grammer as Casey

More Greek spoilers about Casey, Max and Cappie after the jump!

Korbi TV tells us that Max will be taking a leave of absence from CRU later this season, leaving Casey and Cappie to get reaquainted.  But for now, Max and Casey are still going strong.

Korbi also tells us that Rebecca is the sorority sister going gay.  She also hints that Evan is lost and needs a lot of help.  Apparently it will all make sense tonight.

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