Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Owen and Cristina's Future

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After several of the most emotional and heartbreaking scenes in the show's history, are Cristina and Owen really done on Grey's Anatomy? Or will this couple rise again?

Despite the apparent breakup at the end of "Elevator Love Letter" and rumors of Owen reenlisting in the Army, they're far from over, Michael Ausiello of EW assures us.

As Kevin McKidd himself told EW recently, the docs will be thrown "a huge curveball that neither of them see coming. Just as he starts to get over his thing, something else happens."

"Which is good and bad. It's like, 'Oh my God, this is big.' It will be interesting to see how it leads into next season," the 35-year-old Scottish actor added.

Any guesses as to what this Grey's Anatomy spoiler refers to? Come on, it shouldn't be that hard. Think. Bad and good. We can do this! Comment below!

Uh... Say What?

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