Grey's Anatomy Writer Thoughts on "Sweet Surrender"

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The Grey's Anatomy writer who authored last night's episode, Sonay Washington, posted some thoughts on "Sweet Surrender" on the show's official writers' blog.

Below are some excerpts describing how things together, with the reactions from the writer who penned them, and a link to the full column at the bottom ...


Okay, too much is going on in this episode. TOO MUCH! People are throwing themselves out of windows, planning weddings, eating food by the barrels ... And friendships are mended, a child dies and a daughter disowns her father. Okay, there’s a lot to discuss here, so let’s go.

Izzie is dying. That really hit home for me after seeing her collapse. I remember discussing this story in the writers’ room and Shonda saying “Izzie collapses. This is the turning point. She gets really, really sick.” And I said “WHAT????? Izzie collapses? MY Izzie collapses???”

Seriously, it’s heartbreaking to see Izzie this way. When Izzie fake codes and makes Meredith try on ugly wedding dresses, we get the sense that Izzie’s going to be okay - that the chemo won’t affect her. And Izzie believes that too.  

Fake Coding

She fights to maintain who she is throughout the day until her body betrays her.

When Izzie vomits, this disease becomes real to her. But what we also see is the beginning of a true friendship between Cristina and Izzie. It took a lot for Izzie to admit that she’s sick to Cristina.

That the cancer is winning. And Cristina is there for her. She’s there to wipe her brow and to help Mer with her stupid wedding dresses. And it’s for Izzie. Cristina is there for Izzie.

And if anything comes out of this tragedy, it’s their friendship.

And then there’s Cristina, who is hurting over Owen. Here is a guy she can’t have. You see, Cristina never thought she would find love again after Burke. And I’m not comparing Burke and Owen because they are very different, but love is love and Cristina feels it deeply for Owen.

And she can’t have him. Can you imagine that? 

To love someone and they love you but you can’t be together. To see him everyday – every single day, and not be able to touch him, hold him, kiss him. Well, this is the hell that is Cristina’s life right now.  She longs for Owen. She wants him. But she can’t have him.

Because it’s dangerous to love him. Loving him can get her hurt again. So Cristina stays away and watches him from afar. Does she have hope for them?

That they will be together again one day?

I don’t know. But I think we should hope for her.  

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