Heroes Season Finale, Season Four Spoilers

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There appears to be a whole lot ahead on Heroes.

Cast and crew members spoke to E! News about the rest of season three and the beginning of season four. Here are excerpts from the feature:

Nathan vs. Sylar: "You will see a face-off. You can feel the two lines converging toward each other, very much, in the next episode. There's still Building 26 and Danko to deal with, and those bad guys to put down, and then the whole stopping of Sylar's nefarious plan. All of our characters are involved. The season finale is the best episode we've done in a really, really long time," said creator Tim Kring.

Dangerous Games

Evil Parkman? "The last two episodes are absolutely huge. My character is asked to do something, and does something, that is incredibly dark and results in the demise of another character. It's not expected. It's pretty sick. Torture is involved. It's someone we all know. It felt great to tap into my dark side," said Greg Grunberg.

More on The Company: Expect more background information on The Company next season. Said Kring:

"We didn't plan on it until we saw how good '1961' came out. We all fell in love with those actors who were playing the younger versions of them. We are devising season four to go back to that timeframe, since lots of interesting things happened at the beginning of the formation of the Company. I found it a really effective way to dig into the mythology of the show."

A lighter season four: "Fugitives was such a dark chapter in the history of Heroes, so we look at Redemption as a unifying theme for next season. We're going to see redemption for all of the characters in one respect or another. Our goal going into season four is taking every character and making that character's story evolve into an entire series. We just want the smorgasbord of Heroes to be as satisfying for everybody," said writer Bryan Fuller.

A better Hiro to come: "The Hiro story for season four is the best story we've ever come up with for Hiro. It's so emotional and exciting and adventurous," said Fuller.

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We created a monster, and set him loose in the world.


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