Lost Clips: "Some Like it Hoth"

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We have four clips from the tonight's episode of Lost, "Some Like it Hoth," which focuses on Miles.  In fact, three of the four clips we have for you all features Miles in them.

In the first clip, Miles and Hurley are driving in a van and end up comparing their powers.  Hurley even calles Miles out on being jealous.  Very funny.  Watch below:

[video url="/videos/some-like-it-hoth-clip-1/" title="Some Like It Hoth Clip 1"][/video]

For the second clip in which Radzinsky makes Miles transport a dead body, follow the jump:

[video url="/videos/some-like-it-hoth-clip-2/" title="Some Like It Hoth Clip 2"][/video]

In the third clip, Roger discovers that little Ben is missing.  See how Juliet and Kate handle it:

[video url="/videos/some-like-it-hoth-clip-3/" title="Some Like It Hoth Clip 3"][/video]

In our final clip from the episode, Hurley smells something funny in the van with Miles and guess what he discovers.  Watch below to find out.

[video url="/videos/some-like-it-hoth-clip-4/" title="Some Like It Hoth Clip 4"][/video]

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