Lost Recap: "Dead is Dead"

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We read all the Lost spoilers about last night's episode, Ben vs. The Smoke Monster (a.k.a. "Dead is Dead"). But nothing quite prepared us for the climactic scenes at the end.

From the moment Ben awoke on the island, terrified to see a living John Locke, we were once again left wondering what his motives actually are, and if he's lying 100 percent of the time or merely 50. One thing was undisputed - he came back to the island to be judged.

The entity doling out justice? The black smoke. Which Locke somehow knew just where to find and Ben did not. And you wouldn't believe what happened when they did.

Interspersed throughout where past highlights of Ben's life on the island, shedding light on his feud with Charles Widmore and how exactly the latter came to be banned.

Michael Emerson (below) and Terry O'Quinn should share this year's Supporting Actor Emmy. Every second of the interplay between Ben and Locke is nuanced and terrific.

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Michael Emerson as Ben Linus

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