Lost Spoilers: "The Variable"

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After tomorrow night's new episode of Lost, "Some Like it Hoth," Lost will be going on another week long break (despite their promises not to!).  To help ease the pain of that news, we have some Lost spoilers about the April 29th episode.

The episode will be entitled "The Variable" and it will be the 100th episode of the series.  According to E! Online, the episode will see the return of Mrs. Hawking, Daniel Faraday, Penny, Charles Widmore, and Charlie Hume.


As for the variable for the title, it will tie back to the equations Locke saw on the blast-door map in season two.  Things we learned from the door included "Geological composition likely to cause magnetic disturbances/interference with weather project," "Primary nexus of Cerberus-related activity" and the Valenzetti equation.

We've seen enough flashbacks of the various humans on the show.  It's time to give the Island's very own smoke monster a flashback.

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