More Revenge for Melissa Rycroft!

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Come on, celebrity gossip tabloids.

We don't expect a lot from you, but the utter replication of another magazine's cover is just lazy.

A few weeks ago, Us Weekly touted the "revenge" of Melissa Rycroft, as if a spot on Dancing with the Stars somehow affected Jason Mesnick in some heartbreaking manner.

Now, in its latest issue, People is also trumpeting - you guessed it - Rycroft's revenge...

People Cover Gal
Us Weekly Cover

Inside People, Melissa talks about how she deals with grief.

“I go through stages. I will shut down and lock myself in my room. And then I’ll get to the point where I can’t be by myself and I have to be around other people all the time. Otherwise I’ll drive myself nuts crying. I cry it out. Then one day I wake up and go, I’m okay.”

Maybe we can soon feel similarly about the repetitive way the entertainment news industry is covering this story.

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