Parks and Recreation Spoilers: More Tom to Come!

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We didn't love the series premiere of Parks and Recreation.

But we're likely to tune in again this week, if only to watch the performance of Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford. Dude is hilarious!

That's why we were thrilled to hear star Rashida Jones tell E! Online that Tom will be featured often on the show.

"Tom is relentless. We'll definitely find out more about Tom's relationship with his wife and that whole situation down the line. And we find out a lot more about Mark and his personal life, his dating life. I think that hopefully people will feel like they want to see the characters more, and then once they do, we'll give them the pleasure of getting into the little, nasty corners of their lives."

Tom and Leslie

Enjoy the following Parks and Recreation quotes, from Tom and Leslie, courtesy of last week's episodes:

Tom Haverford: Every now and then, we have these little gatherings, and Leslie gets plastered. One time, I convinced her to try to fax someone a Fruit Roll Up. She, one time, made out with the water delivery guy. In her office. On Halloween, she was dressed up as Batman. Not Batgirl; Batman. And I convinced her to go stop a crime that was going on outside. And it is my favorite thing in the world. | permalink
Leslie Knope: This is where the rubber of government meets the road of actual human beings. | permalink
Leslie Knope: So this was built in 1935. It's called Pioneer Hall. And a little trivia: it is one of the first structures in America to ever have locks. | permalink
Leslie Knope: These people are members of the community that care about where they live. So what hear when I'm being yelled at is people caring ... loudly at me. | permalink

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