True Blood Season Two Spoilers from Cast

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If you're dying to know about what's going to happen with the Bill / Sookie / Eric love triangle during season two of True Blood, you're going to love the following interviews.

During the Media's 25th Annual TV Festival, E! Online caught up with Alan Ball and his trio of stars involved int he love triangle, Alexander Skarsgard (Eric), Anna Paquin (Sookie) and Stephen Moyer (Bill).  Find out what's in store for season two when it airs on June 14th:

Does Sookie interact with the new supernatural creatures much this season?
Alan Bell: She spends the first half of the season focusing on vampires and vampire politics in Dallas, as a sort of favor to Eric, and she spends the last half of the season cleaning up the mess that some new supernatural creatures have created in her town—and she is pissed. She is not going to take it anymore

Sookie and Bill Talk

How are you playing Eric differently this year?
Alexander Skarsgard: Everything becomes more private and personal in season two. In season one, the situation started out being business-related, and Eric's attraction to Sookie was "All right, I might use this." But the stuff between them now is much more personal. He's very much emotionally involved now. And I'm not just talking about his relationship between Eric and Sookie and Bill, but other things as well. A lot of the fans who have read book two, they know that the reason they go to Dallas is because Eric's maker has gone missing. That's a very, very personal quest for him.

How are you feeling about the Bill-Sookie-Eric triangle right now?
Anna Paquin: It's really only just sort of slightly hinted at, as of yet—we're shooting seven right now. But Eric's definitely leering down from his heights.

How does Bill feel about Eric moving in on his lady?
Stephen Moyer: That's a good question. I'm not going to lie, when I see those little things in the script, those little moments when Eric's pouting at her from across the room, I'm like, I'm going to have a word with that scamp later. It does make me step back a little bit and be upset, which is exactly how Bill reacts as well..."F--ker."

You can read the rest of cast interviews at E! Online.

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