Adam Lambert: Poised to Earn Spot in American Idol History

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Kris Allen is a very nice guy and a perfectly strong singer.

But, heading into Tuesday night's American Idol finale, the question isn't whether or not Adam Lambert will win the season eight title; but, rather, by how large of a margin.

This is the 1985 Super Bowl between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots; the 1998 World Series between the New York Yankees and the San Diego Padres; the 1988 Heavyweight Title boxing match between Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks.

We're not saying Lambert will knock Allen out cold in 91 seconds, but, well, it may seem that way.

Kris Allen Pic
Funky Musician

Credit American Idol voters for pitting two opposing artists against one another in the finals. It certainly makes for an interesting match-up of styles. But it's impossible to see Allen's subdued vocals standing a chance against Lambert's eccentric, theatrical approach.

Is this fair? Maybe not. After all, Kris' rendition of "Heartless" in the semifinals was as creative as anything Adam has done all season.

But this is also America. More often than not, style wins out over substance. Every Lambert performance has been nothing short of mesmerizing, round after round, if only to see what sort of unique spin the singer puts on each tune.

This isn't to say that Lambert lacks talent; far, far, far from it. Instead, it's a commentary on the hypnotic way in which he graces a stage.

I'm not the most ardent American Idol viewer in history. But I don't even flip channels during commercials each time Ryan Seacrest says Lambert is performing next. I'm that afraid I'll miss a second of his audition.

For that reason alone, Adam Lambert has my vote.

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