Flash Forward Character Introduction: Demetri Noh

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Demetri Noh is an FBI Agent played by John Cho.

As we continue to introduce various Flash Forward characters to readers - read more about Olivia Benford now! - let's delve into the personal life of Agent Noah.

In his late twenties, Demetri is one of the younger agents in the office. He's partner's with Olivia's husband, Mark.

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Due to his youthful exuberance, Noh doesn't always think through conclusions before arriving at them. Mark is trying to teach his pupil patient.

Meanwhile, there is one area that forces this character into careful, methodical thinking: planning his wedding to fiancée, Zoey. Demetri must be very careful... otherwise she may find out what he's been hiding from her this entire time. (Cue suspenseful music!)

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