How I Met Your Mother Recap: "Right Place Right Time"

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On last night's How I Met Your Mother, we finally got back to the yellow umbrella story.  As Ted went outside to catch some fresh air to get over some writer's block, he ran into someone very pivotal to the Mother plotline.

Ted and the Yellow Umbrella

Meanwhile, most of the episode is spent explaining the three random events that led him to that exact street corner at that exact moment when the woman came and tapped him on the shoulder.

To find out the hilarious random events and who the woman was, read our "Right Place Right Time" recap.

Now for some of our favorite How I Met Your Mother quotes from the episode:

Barney: Petra here, if all goes well, will be my...wait for it 200th! Sorry, I couldn't wait it's all too exciting!
Ted: Your 200th as with?
Barney: As in sex with. I request the highest of fives.
Ted: Not if I was wearing a hazmat suit. | permalink
Ted: 200 is too many
Barney: Oh right, because there can be too many of something wonderful. Hey Babe Ruth, easy big fellah, let's not hit too many homers. Hey Steve Gutenberg, maybe just make three Police Academy movies. America's laughed enough. | permalink

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