Lost Preview: "Follow the Leader"

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This week's episode of Lost marks the penultimate episode of the season.  With it you can sure expect a lot do go down and we have three preview clips from the episode for you.

In this first clip from "Follow the Leader," Radzinsky attempts to torture Sawyer to get whatever information he can from him.  We all know that's very little.

[video url="/videos/follow-the-leader-clip-1/" title="Follow the Leader Clip 1"][/video]

In the second clip, Kate and Jack disagree on how to procede when they hear gunshots coming from the camp.  Follow the jump to watch.

[video url="/videos/follow-the-leader-clip-2/" title="Follow the Leader Clip 2"][/video]

In the final clip we have for you, Locke returns after not seeing Richard for three years with a pig.

[video url="/videos/follow-the-leader-clip-3/" title="Follow the Leader Clip 3"][/video]

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Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back.

Ben [to Jack]

Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?

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