Southland Recap: "Sally in the Ally"

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An episode of Southland without police officers Sherman and Cooper?

Indeed, this week's new installment of the NBC drama proved just how deep and versatile of a cast it possesses.

With Detective Lydia Adams (Regina King) at the center of a case that involved a dead, raped girl in an alley, and Detective Sammy Bryant dealing with his unbalanced wife, this was actually our favorite episode of the season.

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Detective Adams

Southland still needs to get rid of its lame, censored cursing. But the show is improving each and every week.

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Southland Quotes

You're a cop because you don't know how not to be one. If you feel that way, you're a cop. If you don't, you're not. You decide.

John Cooper

It seems like it changes nothing... but every once and awhile, you get to take a bad guy off the streets for good. And that, my friend, is God's work.

John Cooper