The Middle Series Premiere Previews

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Patricia Heaton is trying yet another attempt back into the sitcom world with the new ABC show, The Middle.  This time around, she's dragging Scrubs' Neil Flynn in with her as her character's husband.

So how do these two play off each other?  Actually surprisingly well. From these two clips from the show, it feels very Malcom in the Middle.  Oh wait, they even kept The Middle.

In this first clip, Frankie (Heaton) and Mike (Flynn) discuss Frankie's fading looks when her new driver's license picture arrives:

[video url="/videos/the-middle-sneak-peek/" title="The Middle Sneak Peek"][/video]

The second clip is narrated by Patricia Heaton and serves are a great introduction to the show.  The clip is after the jump.

[video url="/videos/the-middle-preview/" title="The Middle Preview"] [/video]

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The Middle Quotes

Frankie: Mike, look at this, it's been seven years since i've had my driver's license picture taken. Look at this! What happened to me?
Mike: Back then you were all young and shiny and wondering what you're life is going to be... and now you know

Frankie: Mike, does it ever bum you out that I'm not young and shiny anymore
Mike: Yeah, sure, honey. It's a huge bummer, but what are you gonna do?