Caroline Manzo Speaks on Danielle Staub's Shady Past

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On last night's installment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Caroline and Dina Manzo were informed by Bravo of discovered a bombshell:

Castmate Danielle Staub was featured in the 1995 memoir, Cop Without a Badge. 

The book details Staub's arrest for extortion, while also going into her past of drugs and stripping. Danielle hasn't really denied the allegations.

So, is this just the beginning of the drama? Of course not. There are more ratings to be garnered.

“There’s more to come,” Caroline Manzo said to People this week. “Buckle up.”

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Here's what else she had to say about it all:

How did you find the book?
This is something that literally fell into our laps. We had no reason to believe that Danielle was somebody other than [who] she represented herself to be. And my niece did tell us about it. When something this explosive falls into your lap, for anyone to just dismiss it would be foolish. It’s beyond catty gossip. There are a lot of facets to this story that can affect us in a negative way.

What do you mean by that? Were you concerned with your reputation if you associated with her?
I don’t care about reputation. What happened in the past is her business. I certainly don’t judge anybody. It was a safety concern. Nothing more.

You mean you don’t trust Danielle around young children?
Who would? Come on, let’s think about it: Would you put your child in a situation like that? Until we know the truth, you have to just act reasonably.

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