Danielle Staub: I Am Not a Prostitute!

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On this week's installment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey - and, based on numerous comments, on future episodes to come - the past of Danielle Staub was exposed.

Castmate Caroline Manzo just happened to come across a book titled "Cop Without a Badge," which was written by Staub's ex-boyfriend, a man that went into detail about her drug and sex habits, as well as her criminal record.

Cop Without a Badge

Now, without getting into any specifics (because, hey, she has to save those for the show's ratings!), Staub has attempted to clear up misconceptions about her in a blog for Bravo. Here are excerpts from it:

Over two and a half decades ago I was arrested. I was just a child, with no guidance or parents to speak of, in an industry that was very fast paced. I got in with the wrong crowd, and was not completely aware of the serious nature of my surroundings.

I did not kidnap anyone. I am not a prostitute. I was merely at the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time. I apologize for being vague, but this is all I can reveal at this time.

It seems everyone may be feeling I have this harshness about me, I promise you it is only because I am broken to pieces inside. To all the ladies who I respect and only desired to be a part of, I would like you to know me and see my heart.

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