Dina Manzo Dishes on Danielle Staub

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On this week's season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dina Manzo was smack in the middle of a melee.

These things happen when Danielle Staub accuses you of uncovering an embarrassing book and then your sister takes the blame for it.

Now, Dina sets the record straight. In an interview with People, she admits to her role in bringing Staub's shady history to light. A few excerpts:

On tension between her and Staub: I’m watching the show now [and] I’m starting to put some pieces together. My thing is right now I’m trying to move forward from it, and I don’t want to rehash anything. It’s hard to watch something that happened a year ago. All the emotions start coming up and everything, and I think I make it very clear in the show that I really run from drama.

All I ever wanted was for this girl to leave me alone. I meant no malice toward her. I never wanted to hurt her. I never did anything really to hurt her other than respond to her remarks. And things just got out of control.

On her portrayal on the show: A lot of people who know me are like, “That’s not the Dina I know.” Usually I’m very laid back and I don’t get annoyed but the entire time during filming I was pissed off. It was just an annoying thorn in my side that wouldn’t go away — this Danielle situation. So is that me angry and annoyed? Yeah. But most people never get to see that side of me because I hardly ever get mad.

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Regarding her relationship with Danielle Staub, Dina Manzo says: There’s no reason for hugs or kisses and there’s no reason for backstabbing.

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