Flash Forward Character Introduction: Stan Wedeck

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As various networks videos and release statements regarding new shows for the fall season, Flash Forward continues to be the series we're most excited about.

In the weeks leading up to its premiere, we've been trying to get readers equally pumped for this mysterious series by publishing introductory characters bio for its characters. Last week, you met Aaron Stark.

Now, say hello to Stan Wedeck...

Played by veteran actor, Courtney B. Vance, Wedeck is the the Assistant Director of the Los Angeles Field Office of the FBI.As such, he's the boss of previously-profiled character Mark Benford and Demetri Noh.

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Wedeck is respected for his efficient managerial style. He's not afraid to delegate to co-workers and underlings.

At home, Stan is adjusting to life without his only child, who recently went off to college. He spends many quiet evenings with his wife now, always maintaining a dry sense of humor during the darkest of times.

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