Flash Forward Producer Promises: Answers Ahead!

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While we've never lost faith in Lost, many viewers of that ABC series grew so frustrated with its lack of answers that they tuned out seasons ago.

The same fate will not befall Flash Forward.

According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, the series has mapped out its entire opening season and will be providing plenty of answers at the outset.

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"We know exactly ... what season one is, with great specificity, because at ... the outset, we had to plan the entire season," Guggenheim told SCI FI Wire. "The first season ends with our characters' catching up to their futures. So you can't do that on the fly."

"We made the commitment at the outset [to] plan out the entire first season before we start breaking episode two. So the very first thing we did, apart from ... figuring out character backstories and [all] that - when the time came ... to actually start breaking story, it was, 'OK, how are we going to move the characters from where they are in episode one to where they are at the end of the season?"

Flash Forward premieres in September. We'll be watching.

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