Futurama is Revived!

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After going off the air on Fox in 2003, Comedy Central is reviving Futurama.  The cult classic science fiction cartoon is being a second chance with 26 new episodes in 2010.

Much like Family Guy, the studio cites high DVD sales (the series had four straight-to-DVD movie releases) and rerun performance for reasons for its rebirth.

20th Century Fox TV Chairmen Gary Newman and Dana Walden said, "When we brought back Family Guy several years ago, everyone said that it was a once in a lifetime thing -- that canceled series stay canceled and cannot be revived."

The Planet Express Crew

Their statement continued, "But Futurama was another series that fans simply demanded we bring back, and we couldn’t have been happier when Matt and David agreed that there were many more stories yet to tell."

Series creator, Groening said, "We’re thrilled Futurama is coming back. We now have only 25,766 episodes to make before we catch up with Bender and Fry in the year 3000."

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Futurama Quotes

Farnsworth: (on the phone) Oh, how awful. Did he at least die painlessly? To shreds, you say. Well, how is his wife holding up? To shreds, you say. Very well then. (hangs up) Sad, sad, terrible, gruesome news about my colleague, Dr. Mobutu.
Leela: Was his apartment rent-controlled?

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