Kate del Castillo: Nancy's New Nemesis on Weeds

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Look out, Nancy Botwin.

Kate del Castillo has already filmed three episodes of Weeds, as the Mexican actress portrays Pilar Guzman a drug lord that comes between Nancy and her unborn baby’s father, Esteban.

The rising star spoke to TV Guide Magazine about the character and her affect on the Showtime series:

What’s the role?
I play Pilar Guzman. She’s a classy, powerful, strong woman who is going to be shaking up the relationship between Nancy and Esteban. She’s a wealthy woman who inherited a lot of money.

Is she a drug lord?
Yes, kind of. I think this is the first time in five seasons that Mary-Louise’s character will have to deal with a bad woman—and I don’t necessarily mean drug dealing. At first, I don’t even look at her. I don’t like the relationship she has with Esteban - for business reasons.

Kate del Castillo

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