Maggie Grace: Bound for Hawaii, Lost?

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We expected Emilie de Ravin to return as Claire for the final season of Lost.

And Dominic Monaghan reprising the role of Charlie isn't shocking.

However, the revival of Shannon is an unexpected twist, yet it's one actress Maggie Grace has been teasing over the last few weeks.

Maggie Grace

When asked about returning to the ABC hit, Grace told E! News:

"I'm looking forward to visiting Hawaii soon. I don't know why..."

So, does this mean Shannon is really coming back? The actress wouldn't actually say, of course, merely offering:

"I think that they are brilliant writers. If they found the right reason, then I'm sure I would be on."

As for her on-screen brother, don't get too excited about Ian Somerhalder joining Grace in Hawaii: he's busy shooting The Vampire Diaries.

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