The Top 10 Tech Moments of Gossip Girl Season 2

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Taking its name from a blogger, Gossip Girl is by definition a pretty tech-savvy series, with Season Two likely exceeding the first in that department.

Fresh new gadgets and "apps" surface all the time, and the folks at Geek Sugar put together a funny list of the Top 10 tech moments of the season!

Here goes, for the techies and nerds (us included) out there ...

10. Emailed College Acceptance Letters. The gang got their college acceptance letters via email. At the risk of dating ourselves, this is not how it worked when the owners of this site applied to college. Does they really do this now? 

9. Serena's Jawbone. To properly flirt with her instructor, Julian, Serena covertly wears a rose gold Jawbone bluetooth earpiece with Vanessa piped in.  

8. Apple Product Placement! After two seasons of hiding Apple logos, halfway through the season, it finally peeked out. Was there a deal struck?  

7. Nelly's BlackBerry Storm. Nelly Yuki proudly flashed a BlackBerry Storm when she got her Yale acceptance, flaunting this brand-new phone.

6. Dorota: Facebook Queen. The amazing Dorota not only admitted to trolling Facebook groups, but we got to see her with her own embellished PC. 

Dorota on Facebook

5. Blair: Former Pink Phone Addict. A cell phone ban precipitated a tidbit about Blair Waldorf's cell phone evolution - scads of pink cell phones.  

4. The Verizon Hub Pops Up. Verizon's newest home tech gadget, the Hub, showed up in the van der Woodsen household on at least one occasion.

3. Facebook Favored on Gossip Girl. The show showed a love of Facebook throughout, featuring it in cell phone apps, references and screen shots.  

2. Dan Drops a Loopt Reference. In the season finale, Dan tells Serena "I Loopt you," referencing the controversial locator service and confusing the crap out of some of the members of the Gossip Girl Insider staff. We admit it.

1. Jonathan: Hacker! Eric's boyfriend Jonathan got the closest to unmasking Gossip Girl when he hacked her server over spring break. Long live geeks! 

Jonathan the Hacker

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