Yani Gellman Speaks on the Future of Rafe

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Yani Gellman plays Rafe on The Young and the Restless.

As the first gay male character in the show's history, the actor has received considerable press.

He was recently interviewed by with The Advocate and asked about Rafe's future on the show. Here are a couple excerpts from the article:

On Rafe's possible love interests: "I am very much an eligible bachelor. The truth is, I don’t know yet who my love interest will be, but I have a couple of people in mind. How’s that?"

On Rafe being more integrated into the storylines: "It definitely seems the direction he is going in. They keep that information close to their chests. The whole thing behind soaps and what makes them interesting to watch are the constant twists and turns and unexpected things happening in the plot to keep everyone interested."

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