Gossip Girl Spoilers: Romances For Dan and Vanessa

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It's no secret that ever since the show began, Vanessa has been pretty much devoid of story lines fans like. Will that finally change in the upcoming third season?

Also, it looks like Dan is up to no good romantically as well (possibly having to do with this Derena kiss) and may have some controversy surrounding him soon.

Here's what Michael Ausiello of EW has to say in his Q&A today:

Q: Could you reward us with a little Gossip Girl scoop? Just enough to tide us over 'til September? Pretty please?

A: There will be a controversial hookup early on in Season 3. And one of the participants of said controversial hookup will be Dan. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Q: Is Vanessa from Gossip Girl going to get her own storyline next season? Despite what some may think there is Vanessa love out there.

A: Yes, she's getting her own storyline. A romance, in fact. With someone she met briefly at the end of last season. Commence with the dot-connecting.

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