Happy 24th Birthday, Chace Crawford!

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Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford celebrates his 24th birthday today. Happy birthday, Chace! We've had a lot of fun watching the Texan become a star in the last two years, and have equally enjoyed observing the evolution of his character's hair. 

In honor of his special day, here are 24 pictures of the handsome star who plays Nate Archibald on our favorite show. Click to enlarge these Chace pics ...

Nair Time
Half of Blate
Nate Archibald Pic
Crumbling Down
Nate Archibald Photo
Reading Material
Back 2 School 4 Nate
Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate
More Nanessa
Sweet Talker
Chace Crawford Image
The Chace
Chace Crawford Pic
Chace Crawford Pre-Gossip Girl
Old School Chace Photo
A Chace Crawford Pic
Rock On, Chace!
Cute Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford on the Set
Chacing Chace Crawford
Ed and Chace Photo
Concerned Chace
Man-Bangs in the House!

Also celebrating a birthday on this 18th of July? The uber-snarky voice of Gossip Girl herself, Kristen Bell! The cutie is 29. Happy birthday to you too, Kristen!

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