Warehouse 13 Recap: "Resonance"

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On the second episode of Warehouse 13, we learned that Myka has serious father issues; Pete likes to flirt; and Artie has the coolest camera in the world.

This third hour of the SyFy show was crispier, funnier and, put simply, better than last week's series premiere. The show definitely has potential.

Read all about "Resonance" with this Warehouse 13 recap.

On a Case

Here are a few of our favorite Warehouse 13 quotes from the episode:

Artie: My name... doesn't matter. But I think you know who I represent.
Dickinson: Flash Gordon? | permalink
Myka: You know how when you sing in the shower, and it bounces off the tiles, and you sound spectacular.
Artie: No, I never sound spectacular. | permalink
Myka: You ever see that movie The Great Santini with the tough dad and the scared kids?
Pete: It's like that, huh?
Myka: Yeah, except it wasn't over in two hours. | permalink
Leena: How are you sleeping?
Artie: I'm not.
Leena: I could tell. Your aura looks like hell.
Artie: Then stop looking at it. | permalink

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