Warehouse 13 Recap: Series Premiere

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The SyFy network kicked off its rebranding with Warehouse 13 last night.

The show combines elements of The X-Files, Fringe and Bones to create a mysterious, light-hearted procedural.

After one episode, we can offer tips for improvement (as we do in our detailed recap), but we can also have hope that the series will enjoy a long, fruitful run. It's got the premise and characters in place to succeed.

Read through our complete recap of the series premiere now and let us know what you thought of it.

Warehouse 13 Photo

Among our favorite Warehouse 13 quotes from the pilot episode were:

Artie: And that is exactly what we do here. We take the unexplained.. and we just safely tuck it away in this super-sized Pandora's Box.
Pete: Metaphorically speaking.
Artie: Well, actually, Pandora's box is over in Aisle 989-B. Empty, of course. | permalink
Artie: Come on. Come on inside. I'll show you around.
Myka: Around what? What am I doing here?
Artie: I'll explain everything inside. Come on. I made cookies.
Pete: Ooh. | permalink
Pete: What's that?
Frederic: An invitation to endless wonder.
Pete: Okay, could you sound a little more creepy? | permalink
Artie: I'd like to think of it as America's attic. | permalink

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