Chuck Liddell Scoffs at Dancing With the Stars Criticism

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Ultimate Fighting Champion veteran Chuck Liddell is a contestant on season nine of Dancing With the Stars.

Does anyone have a problem with that?!?

Actually, some people do, as many of Liddell's in-ring competitors have busted his chops for appearing on the show. In an interview with TV Guide, the tough guy responds to such talk...

On criticism: I don't care. They bust my chops for everything! All my friends think it's funny. But they better freakin' watch! [The show pursued me] in the past, but I would've had to take time off from fighting and I didn't want to do that. Now I'm still debating whether to retire or not and I'm taking time off, so I have time to do it before I start training for a fight again.

On fighting footwork translating to dance floor: If I can get my feet to do what they want them to do, then yeah! I have quick feet, but it's just about doing everything at the right time. That's the hard thing for me — to do everything at the right time and at the same time. I have to get my feet going and I'm bending my shoulders, bending my elbow, have my head up. It's all the little things. It's harder than it looks.

Anna [Trebunskaya, Liddell's partner] is great. It's tough. It's all different to me. With each day, it seems like I'm getting better, so we're just slowly working toward getting better.

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