Dollhouse to Get "Racier and Deeper"

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As previously reported, sex and murder are coming to Dollhouse.

But the second season of this Fox drama will be about more than just superficial action, star Eliza Dushku told TV Guide Magazine this week.

“I just finished episode 3 and I'm proud of the show already. It's different, it's racier and it's deeper. We found that rhythm and now we're just blowing it out of the water."

Picture of Echo

As for what's on tap, aside from a Summer Glau guest-starring stint? Dushku says:

“I was shooting with babies this week, which was interesting and different, and there was an actual what-people-do-with-babies thing going on."

She also added that Echo and Paul will grow a lot closer this fall. How close? She wouldn't reveal, but...

“[Tamoh Penikett is] in The Dollhouse now and there's a lot of chemistry, a lot of things building with Echo and Agent Ballard, so that's a little tease."

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If you have everything, you want something else. Something more extreme. Something more specific. Something perfect.

Paul Ballard

You ever try to clean an actual slate? You always see what was on it before.