First Look: Ed Westwick on Californiacation

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As previous Californiacation spoilers have revealed, Ed Westwick will guest star on the third season of this Showtime hit.

We've been sent a few shots of the Gossip Girl star in the role of Balt, a college student at the university where main character Hank Moody (David Duchovny) is now teaching.

Californiacation Guest Star

You'll have to tune in to the second episode of the third season (which premieres on September 27) to see why Westwick is stuck in a hospital bed.

But, based on the cleavage-laden appearance of fellow guest star Eva Amurri, this isn't such a terrible place to be. Click on the pair of pics below for larger versions of two more Californication scenes...

Californiacation Guest Stars
Westwick on Californiacation

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