Gossip Girl Returns to Blog, Dishes on J

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Gossip Girl the show has taken a long summer hiatus.

Gossip Girl the blogger has, as well - until this week!

On Monday, she updated her official blog for the first time since May 19, saying "Miss me? I know you must have. Just how did you manage to survive without yours truly for two whole months? Where did you get all your gossip?"

Clearly she hasn't heard of Gossip Girl Insider, its spoiler section and forum. But we forgive Gossip Girl because she posted again Wednesday with some scoop on J.

Looks like the younger Humphrey is having a good summer and poised to rule the school when she returns to NYC. The show's anonymous title character dishes:

"Remember last summer when Jenny Humphrey was laboring away in a sweatshop, err I mean, at Eleanor Waldorf’s studio? Well, this summer, instead of ironing designer clothes, she’s wearing designer clothes."

"Jenny is living the good life in the Hamptons: lounging by the pool, dining at Nick & Toni’s and playing in doubles tournaments on the tennis court. Far cry from summers past when you were chasing after ice cream trucks on Washington Street, isn’t that right J?"

Ha. A little cold, Gossip Girl. But good scoop!

Little J Steps Up

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