House is "Pretty Damaged," Hugh Laurie Says

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House viewers have been assured, by the show's producer, that their favorite character will remain the "same human being."

But it may take him awhile to get back there.

Star Hugh Laurie told Entertainment Tonight this week that House is "pretty damaged," as the September premiere will reveal what life is like for him inside a mental asylum.

"He is pretty much where he was at the end of season five. In this case, the season picks up only a matter of days after season five ended and House is going through a pretty harrowing medical and psychiatric experience."

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Laurie added that his character is trying to "connect with people in a way he hadn't done previously," which we can imagine is quite a challenge for the grumpy, cynical doctor.

As for mental illness, the Emmy Award-winner is aware that this is a serious, real-life topic.

"It is a character going through a very traumatic experience, one that afflicts many people and House is among them," he said. 

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