Hugh Laurie: House is Seeking "Redemption"

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As the extended season six trailer for House depicts, this character's stay in a mental institution won't be a pleasant one.

In a revealing interview with TV Guide Magazine, star Hugh Laurie attests to this fact.

He's filmed three episodes of season six so far and says the troubled doctor is experiencing a "harrowing" journey.

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“It’s been a very dark and challenging experience but a good one. He’s a character seeking redemption in some way or another, and I think there’s always a glimmer of hope, but it is a dark place to start. It’s a character going through a very traumatic experience.”

Will House be practicing medicine any time soon?

“I don’t know,” Laurie said. “I’m operating in a consultative capacity at the moment. His license is suspended, as it would be, and has yet to be given back.” While waiting for his license to be reinstated the doctor is simply trying to behave. “House is trying to keep himself in check and curb his acerbic tongue. How long that will last, remains to be seen. I have my doubts.”

The two-hour season premiere of House airs on September 21.

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