Smallville Sex, Other Spoilers for Season Nine

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Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello is on record as saying season nine of Smallville will feature"full tilt Clois."

Based on a new interview with producer Kelly Souders, it doesn't sound like the TV columnist is kidding.

Speaking to E! News, Souders has an important message for fans of Clark and Lois: watch the season premiere on September 25!

"We see hints of it in the first episode, so any Clark-Lois fans should not miss the first episode. Here's my hint: Watch to the very last second of the show."

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Here's what else the producer had to say about ninth season developments on Smallville:

Lowdown on Lois: "Episode nine will reveal what's been haunting Lois since the premiere episode and will give Clark insight to what he'll need to do this season to defeat Zod."

A New Clark: "You will see a new look for Clark and a new side to Clark in the opener, a side that's really had to come to grips with the power and responsibilities he's had, and it definitely has an impact.... He's trying to balance a life and trying to balance the things you have to do in the day to get by, so he's no different than anyone else."

Trouble for Clark and Chloe: "They start out the season in a hard place, and by the end of the first episode, it gets even harder, all because of Jimmy."

Steph Song is Roulette: "I can tell you that I've seen her in the famous Roulette dress, and I don't think fans will be disappointed!"

Watch the Smallville season nine trailer for more information and get ready for all this action and more in less than a month!

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