Sonya Walger Dishes on FlashForward Character

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Sonya Walger is a familiar face to ABC viewers.

She played Desmond's long-time love, Penny Widmore, on Lost, a role she says she'd love to appear in on the show's final season.

For now, though, she's quite content to star on the network's next big hit, FlashForward. In a new interview with IGN, Walger dishes on her character and on the show's first few episodes...

On Olivia: Olivia is a strong, complicated woman who's a working mother. She's a trauma surgeon and a loving wife. She's devoted to her work and trying to make time for her kid. Olivia's plate is full long before the flash forward happens I think.

On what's ahead: It's wonderful. It's so exciting. So exciting watching the show spread out in such unexpected ways. The ripple effect of these premonitions and where they take us is really wonderful.

No FlashForward spoilers revealed above, but the following two photos are taken from the September 24 series premiere:

Bryce and Olivia
Saying Goodnight

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