A Sisterly Showdown: Coming to 90210!

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Following last week's great episode of 90210, Annie is leading in her battle against Naomi.

That's what happens when you say you've been sleeping with your enemy's crush for many months.

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, actress AnnaLynne McCord says her character's feud with Annie will continue through the season's 10th episode... but then sister Jen will be the focus of Naomi's wrath.

“We’re about to shoot the deterioration of Jen’s façade of being such a wonderful big sister,” McCord said. “Then they’ll finally be an opportunity for Liam and Naomi to get back together. You might also see Naomi’s conscience come out. And I’m so excited about finally getting to work with Shenae again now that Naomi will stop hating her.”

Naomi and Jen Clark

Ding! Ding! Prepare for a sibling showdown on 90210! Talk about which side you'd take in our 90210 forum!

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