Coming to Dollhouse: An Aware Echo, A Programming Beauty

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We're just a week away from the second season premiere of Dollhouse.

While Echo will get married to guest star Jamie Bamber's character on the September 25 episode, Tahmoh Penikett (Paul) told Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello that a major development concludes this opening installment.

“At the end [of the premiere], there is a very important conversation between Echo and Paul where she lets me know that she’s functioning with all these personalities in her mind at once and that she knows what is going on," Penikett said. "It changes the playing field if the main doll has awareness of her situation. I like that it isn’t all damsel in distress, and Paul is starting to realize that.”

Tending to Echo

As for Summer Glau, who is confirmed to appear on a future Dollhouse episode as the character of Bennett, sources say the actress won't be in the field.

Instead, like Topher, Bennett is a chief programmer. Very interesting.

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