Coming Up for Cuddy: Ups, Downs and Non-House Action!

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While in the mental asylum, House has sex with Franka Potente's character.

Let's get that out of the way at the beginning. Not season five-ending imaginary sex, such as the kind House had with Cuddy. But actual action between the sheets.

Where does this leave things with Cuddy? Lisa Edelstein told Michael Ausiello that Cuddy doesn't seem to be aware of House's dalliances while away, but the Huddy dynamic will continue to have "ups and downs."

“She has to eventually deal with him coming back and what his role will be and how will she handle him and what kind of state is he coming back in," the actress said. "They have feelings for each other. But who knows if they will ever be right for each other?

"They never seem to be coming at each other at the same time. We are having fun no matter how we play it. Being at odds and playing off Hugh is great fun. If we ever get together I just don’t want it to seems false or forced, but I trust [producers Katie Jacobs  and David Shore] to make the right moves.”

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Don't expect Cuddy to just sit around and wait for House to get less crazy, however.

Entertainment Weekly hints that Cuddy will enjoy some bedroom action herself this fall... with returning private investigator Lucas Douglas! Viewers will recall that Michael Weston's character flirted hard with Cuddy during his time on the series last year.

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